Artisan Fusilloni Pasta & Sauce

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At QJJ we love elevating everyday weekday meals to new flavoursome heights while at the same times keeping things sublimely simple. For this reason we so happy to announce our collaboration with 'Lello Artisan Pasta' which is the perfect accompaniment to our award-wining QJJ Real Pasta sauce. Lello Artisan Pasta is a truly outstanding artisan pasta brand that uses Australian durum wheat semolina and a production method which retains all nutritional properties. The pasta is made in small batches and are designed with a slightly roughened texture that holds sauces perfectly.

The Fusilloni pasta has a corkscrew shape that captures sauces in between its curved lines and goes perfectly with red sauces and perhaps some roasted cherry tomatoes. Being a larger pasta it is also perfect with pasta bakes. The Lello Fusilloni Pasta is 400grams in size, 100% Australian and vegan but may contain gluten. Our QJJ Real Pasta Sauce, made from 100% local Roma tomatoes and our own home grown herbs is both vegan and gluten free.

Grab this pack of Pasta and Sauce to make your everyday pasta meals truly magic!