Featured Products

  • The Four Burner BBQ Preserves Pack!

    QJJ BBQ Preserves Value Pack

  • Winning Jam Trifecta - Raspberry Jam, Strawberry & Pimms Jam & Passionfruit Jam

    Winning Jam Trifecta Pack

  • Ploughman's Pickle 300ml

    Ploughman's Pickle 300ml

  • All Natural Muesli - Perfection!

    All-Natural QJJ Muesli

    $14.95 - $24.95
  • Tomato Chutney

    Tomato Chutney (300ml)

  • Gin Pickled Cucumber

    Gin Pickled Cucumber

  • Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam - Silver Medalist - Australian Food Awards 2023

    Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam (190ml)

    Was: $9.55
    Now: $8.60
  • Christmas Cheer Pack

    Christmas Cheer Pack

  • Mango Chutney! Perfect with chicken sandwiches, curries and dipping breads.

    Mango Chutney (300ml)

  • QJJ Gift Bag (Tote)

    QJJ Gift Bag (Tote)

  • AFA Silver Medal Pack

    AFA Silver Medal Pack

  • Seedless Raspberry Jam is the most magical eating experience! All the exquisite Raspberry flavour less the seeds for those that are troubled by them. So luxurious and heavenly!

    Seedless Raspberry Jam (190ml)


Most Popular Products

  • Raspberry Jam - A wonder of simplicity and perfection. Winner of two First Prizes at The Bendigo Agricultural Show and Highly Commended at Royal Melbourne Show!

    Raspberry Jam (270ml)

  • Real Tomato Sauce 250ml

    Real Tomato Sauce (250ml)

  • Beetroot Relish! 2018 Melbourne Show, Blue Ribbon Recipe, Highly Commended Relish.

    Beetroot Relish (300ml)

  • Beautiful and tasty! A winning combination. Winner of a Silver Medal at the 2019 Australian Food Awards for the Savoury Relish Class.

    Onion Jam

  • Pineapple Jam 270ml - Summer Sunshine In A Bottle - Winner Bronze Medal Australian Food Awards 2023

    Pineapple Jam 270ml

  • Quincey Jones Jelly presents it's artisan, traditional, orange marmalade with a splash of a single malt whiskey, fantastic on toast or bread!

    Orange Whiskey Marmalade (190ml)

  • Tomato Relish 300ml - Artisan traditional Tomato Relish made with local grown and freshly picked tomatoes.

    Tomato Relish (300ml)

  • Strawberry Jam 270ml

    Strawberry Jam (270ml)

  • Christmas Jam 270ml

    Christmas Jam 270ml

  • Real Pasta Sauce 375ml - Beautiful Colour, Beautiful Flavour

    Real Pasta Sauce (375ml)

  • Raspberry & Liquorice Jam

    Raspberry & Liquorice Jam (190ml)

  • Quince Jelly 270ml

    Quince Jelly (270ml)


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New Products

Christmas Hamper And Rocky Road Pack

Christmas Hamper And Rocky Road Pack

Christmas Gift - Box Pack

Christmas Gift - Box Pack

Christmas Gift - Breakfast Pack

Christmas Gift - Breakfast Pack

Christmas Hamper Pack

Christmas Hamper - Gift Pack

Homemade Brown Sauce

Homemade Brown Sauce (250 ml)

Pumpkin Achar

Pumpkin Achar (300ml)

Cumquat & Cointreau Marmalade

Cumquat & Cointreau Marmalade

Mango Salsa Chutney

Mango Salsa Chutney

Blueberry & Banana Jam 270ml

Blueberry & Banana Jam (270ml)

Caramel Apple & Rum Jam

Caramel Apple & Rum Jam (270ml)

Fig & Cointreau Jam

Fig & Cointreau Jam (270ml)

Preserved Lemons With Rosemary (375ml)

Preserved Lemons With Rosemary (375ml)


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