Blueberry & Banana Jam (270ml)

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Blueberry and banana jam is a delightful fusion of two beloved fruits. The rich, deep hues of blueberries combined with the creamy, natural sweetness of ripe bananas create a spread that's both unique and irresistible. The jam has a vibrant purplish-blue colour courtesy of the blueberries, and when spread, you might notice the occasional burst of berries amidst the smooth banana texture.

Flavour-wise, the tangy and naturally acidic notes of the blueberries provide a wonderful contrast to the mellow sweetness of the bananas. Blueberries bring forth a berry richness, while the bananas lend a tropical undertone. Together, they offer a balanced taste – not too sweet, with just the right hint of tartness.  The texture is another highlight. While many jams might be entirely smooth or chunky, the blueberry and banana jam offers a middle ground. The blueberries can be left slightly whole to provide bursts of texture, while the bananas melt into the mixture, offering a velvety smoothness that's comforting on the palate.

Like all our jams this is low sugar, 100% natural, gluten free and vegan friendly.