Caramel Apple & Rum Jam (270ml)

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Creating this Caramel Apple & Rum Jam is a fully immersive exercise.  First we create an unsweetened apple sauce. Then we create a luscious caramel from raw sugar, lemon juice and water then while still piping hot we stir through the apple sauce vigorously so the caramel doesn't split but rather disperses evenly through the apple sauce. This makes the quintessential 'caramel apple flavour'. Then for a touch of warming decadence, we add a touch of spiced dark rum for all those additional caramel and toasted spice notes. After that it's simply a matter of cooking till the right luscious consistency and jarring up our latest jam masterpiece ready for you!

We do say jam but this is the closest thing to an apple butter you will find. It goes wonderful on toast, porridge, yoghurt or as a topping on our very own QJJ Natural Muesli.  We think this is just amazing with our Muesli and we highly encourage you to try it with it like shown the photos above. However you try it this Caramel Apple & Rum Jam it is a delightful preserve that brings together the rich, buttery taste of caramel, the crisp and tangy flavour of apples, and the warm depth of rum.

Like all our products it is all natural, vegan friendly and gluten free. The best before is one year but we do advise leaving all our products in the fridge after opening to maintain peak freshness.