Melon and Ginger Jam (270ml)

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"Oh the taste of childhood. So nostalgic. I purchased for both myself and my brother and we both love the product. " Catherine Turner, QLD

Melon & Ginger Jam would have to have been our most requested jams and we were determined to bring it to life. This Melon & Ginger Jam is a work of art, only possible through meticulous planning and quite a historical curio. Jam Melon is a now near impossible to find variety of melon that was commonplace in the 40's, 50's and 60's. 

It was grown specifically for jam making and made popular by IXL who made a version that was very popular but discontinued in the 1980's. Perhaps that was due to the two day process to remove the seeds and make the fruit ready for cooking. Take a look at the attached Victorian Government video from the 1950's to see the intricate method.  Then we worked together with a farming friend of ours Renzo to grow this now very rare melon especially for us.  The success rate of the seeding wasn't high but we did get enough Jam melons to make some of this amazing jam. It has been quite a journey to bring this jam to life.

The flavour will certainly bring back long cherished childhood memories for some. The two elements of melon and ginger work together beautifully to create an exotic and delicious jam. It really is the most special jam we have made and shows the beauty of small passionate Australian businesses like ours to create products with real historical significance and improve the range of choices available for people when having a tasty jam snack. We encourage you to snap up one of these jams before it all gone. As like all our jams it is naturally gluten free, lower in sugar and vegan friendly.

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