Corn Relish 300ml

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Sweet with a soft buttery flavour, whole plump and juicy corn kernels spiced with red bell peppers, turmeric and smoked paprika our home made Corn Relish is superbly delicious and fabulously versatile. Capture the essence of summer and enjoy it all year long. Serve with roasted chicken, ham sandwiches, cheese omelettes, fish, and hamburgers. Come and try this amazing flavour!

As with all our products, this is Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly and Vegan. We are All Natural and use no added artificial preservatives, colouring or additives. Our preserves are made fresh with seasonal fruit, low sugar and have a best before of one year; just best to keep in the fridge after opening. We find these products taste so fresh and great that most people will consume them within a month or two. For some though it can be even quicker :-)