Strawberry & Feijoa Jam

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Perfect blend of Strawberry & Feijoa Flavours!

Introducing our delicious Strawberry and Feijoa Jam - a perfect combination of two distinct flavours that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you wanting more! Our jam is made from the freshest and highest quality strawberries and feijoas (pronounced fei-joe-ah), carefully selected to ensure maximum flavour and nutritional value. We use a traditional cooking method to create a jam that is thick, smooth, and bursting with fruity goodness. We like feijoas very much. They have an intriguing, candy-sweet fragrance redolent somewhat of 'pez' candy. the sweet, highly perfumed flesh reminds people of pineapple, guava, strawberry, and spearmint or a combination of these. Feijoa is a wonderful partner to luscious strawberry. The flavours are a great match. The berries smooth out the texture of the feijoas somewhat, and they definitely improve the colour.

With its sweet and tangy taste, our Strawberry and Feijoa Jam is perfect for spreading on toast, croissants, muffins, or scones. It's also great for adding a touch of sweetness to your favourite yogurt or oatmeal. Our jam is free from any artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours, ensuring that you get a product that is both healthy and tasty. It comes in a conveniently sized jar that is easy to store in your pantry or fridge, making it a great addition to any kitchen. Whether you're looking for a delicious breakfast or snack, our Strawberry and Feijoa Jam is sure to hit the spot. So why not try it today and experience the ultimate flavour explosion!

As with all our products, this is Gluten Free and Vegan. We are All Natural and use no added artificial preservatives, colouring or additives. Our preserves are made fresh with seasonal fruit, low sugar and have a best before of one year; just best to keep in the fridge after opening. We find these products taste so fresh and great that most people will consume them within a month or two. For some though it can be even quicker :-)